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Last updated: January 05, 2009

This clique was started because I have seen many LJS fans put up pages claiming that they are a certain character and although they have made up some stuff most of it is true, and also people don't just pick a character to play just because they like the name, they pick it because they feel a bond with a character. So here it is a way to show your bond.

Here is an example of what you could put on your page:

I think that Keller and I are alike because firstly we both love spandex, and we always cling to really powerful poetry. We are also alike because we both have long black hair and pale skin. I also have a strong bond with felines.

Now that is not my entry I just made it up right on the spot (literally). You will have to have a bit more than that and some pictures would help.

This is a project brought to you by Lee and Ona-Nyx.

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