LJSmith Button Exchange [ a project by ona-nyx ]


  1. Your page must be LJS related (graphics shop, fanfiction, club, rpg, etc)
  2. Please add the code before or immediately after you submit the join form.
  3. If you are no longer able to maintain your site or if something comes up where your scrapping your site or that your site will be down for a long period of time, please email me and I'll put your site's rotation on hold.
  4. Don't put the code somewhere where no one will see it, the LJS Button Exchange needs advertisement!!
  5. Join the House of Mirrors... Just joking :)
  6. Keep the code up at ALL times. I will make periodic check-ups to see if everyone is abiding by the rules.
  7. Your button must be 88x31, not 88x33, 89x91, etc.
  8. Please do not alter the code, unless you are completely sure of what you are doing. I'm not trying to treat you all like amateurs or anything like that (I'm an amateur myself so there), but the code was set up to be viewed in a specific way.