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Frequently Asked

The below information is specifically the LJS Directory related, for site help, I recommend you head over to Psychic Doodles.

Who runs the LJS Directory?

It is mainly run by Adia, but help has been provided by other LJS fans, especially Mai on the RPG section.

Why make a Directory?

Because the LJS online world needed one, there were a few old Directories around the web, but they were dead or dying. There wasn't a place that every LJS site could be found easily, and you could get stuck surfing dead sites due to the number of them on the net.
Plus, I love LJ Smith sites, and this way, I am one of the first to see them! :)

Does my site need to fit any criteria?

The only criteria that your site has to fit is that it needs to be a site related to LJ Smith. The LJS Directory also lists dead sites in seperate sections.

How do I know when my site is listed?

If you have submitted a site, I will add it within a week (depending on how busy I am). But I will also email you to let you know that the site has been added.

What do those X's mean?

Several people commented that the Dead Sites often held useful information. So, I decided to move the Dead Sites into the main listing, but indicate that the sites were no longer updated.
So X = Site isn't updated any longer!

I submitted a site, but it never got listed!

If your site wasn't LJ Smith related, or if you didn't fully complete the form, then I might not add it, or contact you. This basically depends on my mood! Usually I will email and ask for more information, but as my sites grow ever larger, I have less time to email people to chase things up.
OR the email may have gotten lost. This is unlikely, so perhaps me or re-submit.

Can I help out?

Sure! I'm always wanting to make the LJS Directory bigger and better and would appreciate any offers of help. Feel free to get in . Help is definetly needed on collecting sites and reviewing descriptions to ensure that they actually reflect the sites. One of the areas that needs a lot of work is the Clubs section.

My site/RPG/Group isn't dead!

Often it is difficult to figure out if groups or sites are dead or not, so it is advisable to put updates somewhere on the site so we can figure it out. Also, on the RPG pages we have included why we group sites the way we do. If we have placed your site in the wrong area, tell us and we will move it.

My site is listed in the wrong place/Can I change my site description?

Feel free to if your site is in the wrong location, or if you need to change the description/URL of your site.

How'd you make the layout?

With the LJS covers and Paint Shop Pro/Photoshop. See the about section for details.

Do you know when Strange Fate is coming out?

(Yes, I have been asked this!). Nope. See NW:CD for the latest news.