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Dead Sites

Aba's House - A small amount of fanfiction, art and poetry.

Accumulative_LJ_RPG - Circle Daybreak has been defeated, and a new Night World Council reigns over a world covered in darkness. When a new prophecy is found, heralding the appearance of a new set of heroes, Circle Daybreak has to work quickly to find them before the Night World catches on.

After Midnight - An AOL/AIM RPG based on all series by LJS. Takes place in Miami, Flordia, where Night Worlders and Daybreakers alike are gathering....

Afterglow - Fate has brought Elena back. Back to Stefan, back to her friends. But life is not the same. Elena has been dead for many months, Stefan and Damon have been gone. Things cannot go back to the way that they were, and the Fell's Church group must struggle to put their lives back together while hiding this large secret. And then trouble strikes again...

Blessed Be - The story takes place in New Salem 20 years later. The original Coven who finally beat Black John has grown up and has kids whom have lived in this, now, quiet peaceful town whom the only disruption is caused by the Henderson children. But, when a mysterious dark girl comes into town followed by a gang of witch hunters, trouble begins to brew, and suddenly deaths begin to occur. All seem accidental, but fingers are pointed at the witches. Who else would be responsible for these *accidents*? With all the bickering that tends to go on now within the Coven itself, it is uncertain if these young teenagers will be able to hold together under the strain of their new pressures as the Human kids of the high school begin to turn on the witches

Circle Nebula - The Night World Council is amassing power, and Thierry wants to stand in the way. Using an elite group of fighters and assassins, Circle Daybreak is working on a plan to sneak into a meeting of the Council. .

Crow's Haven - Its been three years since the New Salem Coven defeated Black John, in which two of their numbers felt comfortable leaving the group. However, with the New Year comes trouble, trouble that no one could have foreseen. In New York City, another group of young people have grown tired of not having their own 'territory' and decided to move in one someone else's. How do you fight an enemy that outnumbers you, is more powerful then you, and seems to know what you're planning even before you do?

Dark Moon Rising - Shapeshifters get so bitchy sometimes, especially when they become terriotorial. As two rival gangs battle for dominance, the other Night Worlders are on the hunt for a group of 'shifter hunters reported in the area. It's a soap opera come to life!

Endless Afflict - Adore the sexy Stefan Salvatore? Come and join now!

Ever After - The Millennium is fast approaching. The Night World council is closing in. Daybreak has found three of the Wild Powers, but the fourth is still out there. An individual that everyone wants to get their hands on. The battles are coming... The fate of the world hangs in the balance... Just another day at the races.

Everything comes back to you - This is a site dedicated to Ash Redfern and Mary-Lynette Carter contains character bios, ideas, and a small archive of fanfic, mostly in development

Fire of the Heart - A few Night World and Night World crossover fanfics

Forbidden Games Fanfiction - A few Forbidden Games pieces.

Forbidden Games Fanfiction - A few Forbidden Games pieces.

Forgotten Night World Realms Graphic Shop - A good graphics shop, not so much individual graphics but backgrounds, tiles, buttons and banners... - Mostly dedicated to fanfiction, but I have a growing section dedicated to L.J. Smith's books

Jennifers LJS Page - Reviews, ratings and fanfiction

LJS Fanfic - A list for L. J. Smith fans to post and read fanfic... DEAD

LJS World - Last update in 1999, but a good source for information on some of the more interesting things about LJS, looks at each series and analyses aspects of them.

LJS_Fans - For LJS book discussion DEAD

Midnight and Darkness - Odd titles for each of the sections, the usual LJS info, plus a few bits and pieces like multimedia and trivia. Not updated since 2002

Morgana's Lair - A very nice looking site, with information about LJS, her characters and novels, last updated 1999

New Moon - A discussion list for LJS, her works and other discusion DEAD

New Orleans: the City of Sin - RPG based on all of LJ Smith's books. Takes place in New Orleans, a city run by a Night World mob. Characters can own businesses and shops, be part of the mob, or just hang out and have day-to-day lives.

Night Visions - Summaries of LJS and her books

Night World Clubs - Webring for all LJ Smith related RPG's

Nightworld Angels - Adopt a Night World angel! Has one for every female character in the Night World

Nightworld RPG - What happens when Jez and Morgead hook up in the greenhouse? Or when Mary-Lynnette finds out about one of Ash's new flames? Answer: It's the Night World's newest scandals. Check out the game. Posting is moderate to high, with well-developed posts. Fanlisting - Fanlisting for, inspired by the works of L.J Smith

Ona-Nyx - A club/mailing list for the author Lisa Jane Smith, aka L.J. Smith aka LJS. She is the author of such books as Night of the Solstice, The Forbidden Game and The Vampire Diaries. Currently in its fifth year!

Realm of the Night - Basic information on the books, information on LJS, awards and adoption page.

Realm of the White Shadow - Has information on herbs, crystals and other mystical things, plus quotes and written works.

Redcandle's World - Quite a few personal Night World fanfics, summaries provided.

Scribes Links - A large collection of links, alphabetically set up with categories.

Secret Circle Future - Twenty years after the defeat of Black John the elder coven remains divided by the old rifts and wounds that never healed. The new coven is incomplete, split by distrust and strife. However things are about to change. Members of the elder coven who left for college intending never to return, arrive back in New Salem. New witch families move into Crowhaven road and deaths begin to occur. Can the new generation of witches heal the damage and reform the coven to face a new threat... Based upon the Secret Circle Trilogy by LJ Smith.

Shadow World RPG - What would you do if it were you instead of Jenny? Would you run for cover or stand and fight? Here is the chance for you to see! In this RPG, you play yourself and let Julian, the Game Master, control the moves. How will you react? (You must be a member of The Shadow World in order to play. Mailing list, role playing game, more games shop and many other features

Shattered - Kaitlyn Fairchild and her psychic friends were finally able to defete Mr. Zetes once and for all, and reclaimed The Institute. They put it back together, and mae it a place that they could all call home, and could work to strengthen their gifts safely. But the group of psychics can't go for long without attracting attention. There are many people out there who would use their talents for evil. But who will strike first?

Silvered Mirror - Humans. Quislai. The Wildworld. The Stillworld. All have collided through the passage of one little mirror. Morganna LeFay must protect this mirror. The Hodges-Bradley children must learn to assist. Elwyn Silverhair must learn to stop pestering. And of course, there are people on both sides who want this mirror for their very own. The mirror must be protected at all costs.

Supernatural RPG - "This role play is about a secret society of vampires, witches, shapeshifters and werewolves that exist in the human world. Humans don't know about them and they hide in the shadows for fear of persecution." How will a group of supernaturals survive in this world overrun by humans? And how will witches and vampires blend into the school they're forced to attend?

The Awakening RPG - Its been three years since the incident at Fell's Church. Elena, Stefan, Damon, Bonnie, Meredith, Matt, Caroline have all moved on. Some have left Fell's Church and some have stayed, each making a life of their own. But when Elena's younger sister is kidnapped and all sources point to a resurrected Katherine and Klaus, they're forced to face each other for one last face-down. Its the ultimate battle of good and evil, but who will win?

The Club - The troubled times were over. Black John was defeted, the coven had it's newly appointed triumverate of leaders. Peace was slowly being forged between the witches and the humans, little by little. Things were good for the Crowhaven Road gang. Do the good times ever really last? Strange things have begun to happen through out New Salem. Witchy things. The humans have become suspicious once again. Someone is out there, someone bad, and the coven is getting blamed.

The Crossroads - ...there comes a time in every person life when they must make a choice... After the threat of Black John was neutralized, life returned to normal for the coven. None of them were surprised when 12 children were born on Crowhaven Road, all within two years of each other. These children were raised, fully aware of their powers. Fast forward to present day. These children have grown up, formed a coven of their own. Now they are at the precipice of life, all juniors and seniors in high school, preparing for their future. And then a new face appears in town. He is a witch. Charming and suave, he slowly worms his way into he coven. But is this new witch good or evil? Will the coven be able to decide, before it is too late?

The Crossroads - What kind of LJS person are you? Choose the description that fits you best, and put a candle on your page.

The Forgotten Dragon Adventures - The Forgotten Dragon Adventures is set after the Millennium, Daybreak was victorious, they assembled all the wild powers and stopped the end of the world. After all the trauma of impeding doom you would think God, or whoever controls such things, would have pity on the poor Daybreakers, give them some peace at least for a while but no. As soon as they defeat one enemy, intent on the genocide of an innocent race along comes another.

The Hunters, Inc. - The Hunters is a group of people with a taste for justice, money, or blood. They are a collection of bounty hunters, assassins, hitmen, etc. They formed a business so they would be more recognized and so they could employ help from the same type of people if they need it. It's a good place to go if you're looking for money, if you're one for up-holding the law, or even if you just want to spill blood. There are no rules on how you bring in your person, just as long as it gets done with the smallest amount of publicity if it's dirty

The League of Extraordinary Creatures - A Yahoo club about an elite group of creatures that kill both Night Worlders and Daybreakers. They are recruiting people from Circle Twilight now (not only witches). A Secret Circle/Vampire Diaries/Night World Crossover

The LJS Pages - Several categories of links, no longer updated

The Scribes Gathering - Some basic information about the books, fanfiction and the basics for an LJS site

The Tomb - Only a few LJS related fics here

Unofficial LJS Page - Basic book summaries

Valor - Valor is a journal based, sometimes chat inclusive, roleplaying game based on the novels by L.J. Smith. It is set in the present day, after the millennium has long since come and gone and the world has discovered that the Nightworld exists. While the Nightworld and its 'inhabitants' are common knowledge to the general population, there are anti-Nightworld groups, as well as anti-human groups, running amok across the globe. Former Nightworld leaders, such as Hunter Redfern, are working on claiming dominance over the rest of the world, while groups such as Circle Daybreak are still in existence, attempting to unite humans and Nightworlders and achieve harmony among the races.

Vamp Diaries - A list to talk about the great author L. J. Smith. DEAD

Vestia's Village - Last updated in 1999, takes a look at each of LJS's books, and what the webmaster thinks of them

Zach's Garage - Small collection of graphics, animations and backgrounds

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