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A Kitten's Claws - the fanlisting for Rashel Jordan from L.J. Smith's Night World series.

Black Dawn Resource - An RPG resource for people who like roleplaying in the LJS world or newcomers to roleplaying. The information ranges from how to create a character, to jumping into a plot, to making your own game. See what has been done, and what hasn't, in order to make the games more varied and fun.

Blood Bound - The TFL approved fanlisting for the ninth book in the Night World series by L.J. Smith, Witchlight.

Bloody Quills - A LJS fiction competition organised by Twilight Tales

Briar Creek - The TFL approved fanlisting for the book, Daughters of Darkness

Circle Initiation - A directory of LJS fans from around the web.

Damon Salvatore Fanlisting - Fan of Damon? Join the rest of us!

Dark Visions Webring - General LJS site ring hosted at NightWorld.Net

Dark Whispers - Dark Whispers is a secret society that was formed at the height of the Dragon's reign on the earth. It originated as a group of watchers, silently protecting those who could not help themselves. This is no longer the case. The Society is now run like an underworld CIA of sorts. . . . The focus has shifted from protecting the interests of others, to ensuring the successful completetion of its own goal. . . ." I'm not actually IN this RPG so I don't know how heavy or slow the RPG is at this time. Membership currently IS open for members.

Desires Unveiled - Fanfiction archive for Lisa Jane Smith slash fanfiction, a growing collection, also has a ljs slash generator!

Devil's Playground - Forums for the Night World: Circle Daybreak club, although anyone is welcome!

Distant Fantasies - An advertising guide for RPG owners. It has a how-to guide, a list of places where people can advertise their sites and a place for people to find affiliates/sister sites and other sites to exchange links with.

Elusive Truth - A character shrine for Meredith Sulez of The Vampire Diaries fame

Examen la Déesse - Formerly "LJ Smith @ Hugglebunny", an entire revamp has taken place. Here, I examine LJ Smith's works from the views of a writer. Break out your English skills, I'm going in depth.

Fire Song - A few LJS fictions and others

House of Mirrors - Clique to show your support and affinity to characters from the LJS-verse

LJ Smith Fanfiction Fanlisting - Fan of fanfiction? Or just can't get enough of reading about your favourite characters? Join here!

LJS 100 - A community for posting fanfiction based on L. J. Smith's books. Specifically, it's a drabble challenge community. This means all fics posted must be approximately 100 words, and must follow a set, weekly theme.

LJS Button Exchange - A button rotation for LJS related sites

LJS Directory - Site Directory - you are looking at it!

LJS Extreme - The Dark side of the LJ Smith fandom. Open to extreme LJS fic-posting as well.

ljsmithfans - Livejournal community for fans of L. J. Smith, author of such book series as The Vampire Diaries, Dark Visions, and Night World. Almost any kind of discussion relating to the author is allowed.

Love was Never so Scary... - Approved Fanlisting for the Night World series.

Mrs Flowers Boarding House - Being 'remodelled' at the moment - has fanfiction and other bits and pieces

Muse: the LJS fanlisting - The TFL approved fanlisting for the muse to us all, LJ Smith!

Never Alone - a fanlisting for the character Raksha Keller from LJ Smith's Night World series.

Night World Information Collective - This site is an information collective about the Night World series written by Lisa Jane Smith. It contains character profiles, explanations of Night World concepts, and more.

Night World: Circle Daybreak - Graphics, fanfiction, poetry and information about the Night World

Nightworld: Circle Daybreak - Largest online club (and longest running) for LJS. Many sub-sections and sub-sites!

Ona-Nyx - Houses clique, button exchange and detailed species information

Oracle - LJS related mythology resource site

Psychic Vampire - A Fanlisting for Gabriel Wolfe of the Dark Visions trilogy

Redemption - A shrine to Night World character, Ash Redfern. Contains fanart and plans for a Ash fan-clique. Also home of Pink Haze, a Ash/Mary-Lynnette fanfiction archive.

Reflections on LJ Smith - Examination of L.J. smith's book - oncentration on connections between books, character analysis, essays, fanfic and a quiz

Sacrifice - A site dedicated to Ash Redfern from the Night World series, exploring his character, family, soulmate and book appearances

Scorpio Boy - Shrine for the bad-boy of the Vampire Diaries - Damon Salvatore

The LJ Smith Cover Resource - A collection of high quality scans of the covers of LJS' books from around the world, for use in graphics and websites.

ttales: L.J. Smith Fanworks LJ - LiveJournal part of Twilight Tales, the L.J. Smith fanwork archive. The purpose of this LiveJournal is for the posting of fanworks (stories, poetry and art based on L.J. Smith's books), and the discussion of those works. It is also to be used to seek advice and help for your fanworks. Feel free to post your Plot Bunnies if they need a good home.

Twilight Tales - Largest collection of LJS fanfiction on the web, also contains art and poetry.

Twilight Tales List - For ANYONE to post their L.J. Smith based work. By doing this you can gain feedback for your work, and entertain others. (High volume)

Vedesca's Domain - Several original sections here, LJS Trivia Game. Other things like LJS dictionary, timeline, quiz and lots more.

Wild & Dangerous - TFL Approved fanlisting for all of the characters from the Night World series - A collection of original and good fanfictions, mainly FG and Nightworld

Yggdrasil - A directory for LJS fanlistings

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