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About the Directory

The Directory

The LJS Directory began in 2001 after I discovered many of the old directories were dead or not being regularly updated. The aim was simple: create an up-to-date directory of all LJS sites and keep it updated. Over the four years that the Directory has existed it has changed a lot but it is still here and still going strong!
The Directory was one of the first projects in the Project Kenaz collective and is always wanting to grow - if there are additions that you would like to see to this site, get in contact with me, either through .

Run By

The Directory is maintained by of and Scorpio Boy. The Directory is run on the SimpleDir 3.2 script.

Thanks To

Lorraine and Twilight Tales for their help in switching the Directory over to the new script.
Mai also helped with our RPG collection.

Current Layout

The current layout features the covers of the (new) Vampire Diaries series and Dark Visions. I got them from Twilight Tales. To get the 'look' I just used a bundle of brushes and textures until things looked right (I'm awfully bad at layout information!). Fonts are 'tsp machina 1 caps' (from a Smashing Pumpkins font-kit I found ages ago) and 'Hannibal Lecter'.