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I've been a big fan of slash for quite a while now, and I've loved L. J. Smith's books since I was about eight years old. Over time, the two passions sort of...combined. It helps that there's more than a little gay subtext between the characters, though.

It had always been my impression that there were very, very few LJS slash 'fics out there. I've written a few myself, and so have my friends, and there are a couple other people who come to mind, but not many. When I decided to create this archive at the urging of my best friend Tony, I figured there'd be maybe a dozen stories (not including our own) available for archiving. Boy, was I surprised to discover there was three times that amount already written.

This site is run me, LindaMarie, and at one time was co-run by my afformentioned partner in crime, Tony, who has since left the 'net. But his enthusiasm endures.

Big thanks to Red over at Twilight Tales for all the help in rounding up 'fics to include here, and for continuing support.

For those of you who aren't in the loop, so to speak, L. J. Smith is the author of two dozen young adult novels: Night of the Solstice, Heart of Valor, The Vampire Diaries quartet, The Secret Circle trilogy, The Forbidden Game trilogy, the Dark Visions trilogy, and the Night World series. She is most notable for the strikingly absorbing characters, mature themes, and poetic resonance that characterizes her writing style and elevates her above your average YA novelist.

desires {unveiled} was created in August 2001. Version damon/matt was designed at the same time, and the site was redesigned in December 2001, to include version diana/faye. In June 2003, the site was reduced back to just damon/matt due to space issues.

A production.

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